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More on new buildings

This time partially completed Lumber Mill, kit bashing an old Suydam kit with changed windows, doors, reconstructed missing parts and eventually scratch built additions.

First side, adding new windows and doors from Tichy Train Group, with weathered and rusting corrugated siding

Assembling the structure on a steel machinists plate. Handy to hold things in position with magnets, since the walls are steel.

Assembling with Epoxy and CA Glue

Next brick portion

Brick incinerator building

Adding Weathering to Doors etc.

Freight Door

Then starting to plan positioning on the layout on the Lumber branch.

Mill Side

Whole area plan showing places for Log chute, pond area, log dump, stream and separate scratch built finishing building and loading dock

Partially completed Mill on Plan of area

Continuing work on the Lumbering branch line

I have been concentrating on working on the branch line this week, so here are some photos of progress at the future site of the sawmill.

Getting the sidings in place for the log slide to the pond and a siding for finished product.

Next a series of Photographs showing creating the terrain around where the mill will be.

Adding slab of foam for base of mill area.

Adding slope down base.

Using some hydrocal rocks from rock molds and plaster cloth.

Then filling with more rocks and blending with sculptamold

Next will be determining the contours of the mill area (buildings, pond etc.

The Mammoth Amherst Railroad Society’s Railroad Show

Just returned from W. Springfield MA from the biggest model train show in the nation. Quite an experience. Over 400,000 square ft of dealers, manufacturers, modular layouts, etc.

Car in the parking lot right where I pulled in. No doubt I was in train land!

The show is in 4 buildings. this is the entrance to one of the four (Mallary Complex)

Mallary Complex

They have some canvas covered walkways between buildings

covered walkway

This is inside showing less than half of the largest building (Better Living Center)

Partial BLC Hall photo

Some of the manufacturers show a model in progress-undecorated.This is a Rapido Pre-production model at their booth

Pre-Production Alco RS11

They also have some special things like this Real 1895 Baldwin steam engine, built for SD Warren Paper Co, that has been restored to full steam operation.

SD Warren-No-2-2Ft gauge

All in all , a very enjoyable weekend

New batch of rocks

Rocks cast in Hydrocal, from many different molds from several manufacturers, and from my own mold shown in last post from a previous casting. Most will be used in the mountain area around the logging branch.

Hydrocal, cast rocks, scenery

Batch of cast rocks and the molds on the right

Large casting from one of the molds

Hydrocal, cast rocks, scenery

Large cast Rock

Removable mountain


Starting to get whole logging area working, and I needed a mountainous area for logging but it should be removable because it would be over several fairly long track tunnel sections. I thought a base of foamcore would work, be light but strong enough with a structural frame above, making it more ridgid.

foamcore, mountain,

Foamcore base of mountain

Thinking about how I would do this, I decided to try the new shaper sheet material, but even though Woodland Scenics says it needs no under support, I wanted to visually rough in the mountain and thought a hot glued cardboard strip web would also give it more strength, since it would be movable. Actually I do not think it will have to be moved all that much because even with a derailment under the tunnel, you can pop up inside the mountain enough to retrieve a car or engine.

Woodland scenics, mountain, shaper sheets, hot glue

Web of cardboard strips to support shaper sheets for mountain

The Shaper Sheet material shown is interesting as it has a very heavy foil backing with a fabric adhered to the foil, that mechanically bonds with applied plaster. Woodland Scenics has a Plaster made for it which I believe is lightweight Hydrocal with a retarder to slow the hardening so there is time to work a soupy mix, and get it into all the crevices.

Woodland Scenics, Shaper sheet, tunnel, Access cover, Scenic express

Shaper sheet showing Heavy foil and bonded material on opposite side

Here is the mountain partially covered with the Shaper Sheet material and matching plaster

Woodland Scenics, Shaper sheet, tunnel, Access cover, Scenic express, plaster, mountain

Mountain partially covered with shaper sheets and shaper sheet plaster