Thinking about a previous post

In this time of social distancing, even though it seems perfect for model train work, I have been

more engaged in obtaining food, and other house projects, along with a certain amount of angst, as are I’m sure most of us. But, I have been reading Model Railroader and an article in the march 2020 issue, about taking scenery into the aisle, made me say-hey- I put up a post on a very similar idea almost a year and a half ago. So I thought I would share it again.


I have a concept of the walk-in aisle of my layout being a river or small bay, so I am making my scenery (rocky banks etc.) all come down to a common level as it would be meeting a bay.

Series of shots, showing rocky banks coming to a common level.

Bank by the concrete arch bridge

Continuation of banks at bay level

Further along the bank

This showing my suspended edge, not yet fully built up with scenery

This shot from a low level showing the way the edge is built

My thought is to build a rolling cart with an area of bay level water that can be raised into position anywhere along the walk in aisle, for photography of the layout, with extended water.

I AM now ready to take advantage of the confined time to start Posting and Working on the Germantown & Northwestern!