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New batch of rocks

Rocks cast in Hydrocal, from many different molds from several manufacturers, and from my own mold shown in last post from a previous casting. Most will be used in the mountain area around the logging branch.

Hydrocal, cast rocks, scenery

Batch of cast rocks and the molds on the right

Large casting from one of the molds

Hydrocal, cast rocks, scenery

Large cast Rock

Hydrocal rock casting

I use a lot of different rock molds from various manufacturers, including Woodland Scenics, but I just came across a rock mold I made a while ago from a fine grained piece of rock  found in the garden.

scenery, Rock mold,

Latex rock mold

Nice detail in the rock and think the cast from it is going to make a nice outcropping in the river valley. Just needs some coloring and weathering plus some small evidence of vegetation.

Rock mold, Latex, Scenery

Hydrocal Plaster cast made from latex rock mold