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The Yard and Engine service

Another area that I am working on, both for operation reasons and for photography, is the yard and engine service area. Still have some final pieces to add to the concrete coaling tower, as well as definite weathering. This is the first of several structures to be completed for that area as well as track and signaling

Almost completed coaling tower

Also working on Sanding tower, water tower and stanchions, small sheds, as well as the switches and trackwork.


Scouting scenes on layout for photography

As a photographer, I am starting to look at sections of the in progress layout to work up into completed photographs of scenes, looking to do this in different weather scenarios, time of day, etc. I will put up several in the next few posts and then later I’ll recall them and the finished photographs.

View across main line and siding to town


Wiring the movable access section part of the town for lighting


Using several kinds of lighting including woodland scenics Just Plug, strips of long reel leds

as well as some 12-16 volt incandescent Veissmann gas lamps.

Wires for town site

Wires for town site

Rigging bus bars and Just Plug light hub to a couple of mini plugs [added later) so the access section can be removed if needed with little trouble.

under the town section wiring in progress

under the town section wiring in progress

Adding details and lighting to highway underpass

Finishing the highway underpass leading out of town. I added led lighting and safety railings, as I have made the sidewalks higher above the road surface.

strip light and connector

self adhesive LED strip light and connector

Here the railings have been added and some random trash added. (might add more later)

almost ready to install

almost ready to install         

View from road under the bridge showing lights, railing and a poster on the wall

Under the bridge

Under the bridge

Will add a wall surface from sidewalk to the Road before installing the underpass



Cast Concrete arch bridge


Picking back up on a much earlier post, I finally started casting my concrete arch hydrocal bridge in two halves.


Wood & Sintra Mold

My waxed wood and sintra casting form


Wood & Sintra mold showing thickness

Pouring hydrocal with steel rod reinforcements


Pouring requires working quickly as Hydrocal sets fast

Leveling  to the face of the form


Level as close to flat as possible

Exterior pieces of the form being removed


Exterior parts remove easily

Casting removed from the mold and flipped over, with only the individual small arch pieces to be removed. These pieces have a 3 degree slope for ease of getting them out of the piece.     Still required a few knocks with a small hammer on each to remove!


Casting lightly sanded at this point

First half cast, but I’ll add some detailing with a file, forming casting joints and other details, then cast the other half and place them back to back, with a spacer which is typical for this type of bridge, really two identical arches, connected at the top.


Casting before final detailing